The following books are dedicated to the author's version of the PUEBLO Incident.

All books are hard cover unless indicated otherwise:

BUCHER: MY STORY Lloyd M. Bucher with Mark Rascovich The story as Commander Bucher remembers it
SECOND IN COMMAND Edward R. Murphy Jr. with Curt Gentry The Executive Officer's recollection
MY ANCHOR HELD Stephen R. Harris with James C. Hefley The Research Officer's faith
BRIDGE OF NO RETURN F. Carl Schumacher Jr. with George C. Wilson The First Lieutenant's perspective
THE LAST VOYAGE OF THE USS PUEBLO 15 Crew Members with Ed Brandt A combined effort
PUEBLO INTRIGUE (paperback) Stephen R. Harris & Francis Ginther with Don Crawford A journey of faith
THE SHIP THAT NEVER RETURNED Eleanor Van Buskirk Harris Mother of Stephen R. Harris (self published work)
THE PUEBLO INCIDENT Rear Admiral Daniel V. Gallery, Retired A view from a distant hindsight
THE PUEBLO SURRENDER Robert A. Liston Facts are not evident in this work
A MATTER OF ACCOUNTABILITY Trevor Armbrister Probably the best researched from a non crew
THE PUEBLO INCIDENT Mitchell B. Lerner The newest book on the incident