1. The daily schedule will be strictly observed.

2. You will always display courtesy to the duty personnel when they enter your room to deal with you.

3. You must not talk loudly or sing in your room.

4. You must not sit or lie on the floor or bed except on Sundays and during prescribed hours, but should sit on the chair.

5. You must wear your clothes at all times except when washing your face and in bed.

6. You must take care of the room, furniture and all expendables issued to you.

7. You will keep your room and corridors clean at all time.

8. You must keep in good order while engaging in collective activities in the mess hall, etc.

9. You will entertain yourself only with the culture provided.

10. If you have something to do, ask permission from the guards, who will escort you to the appropriate place.

You will be punished severly and unconditionally if you commit one of the following:

1. In case you make false statements or refuse questioning or hint others to do so.

2. In case you attempt to signal other rooms by this or that means.

3. In case you make unauthorized writing.

4. In case you show disrespect or disorder to any of the duty personnel.

5. In case you make any other offense.